Sunday, February 28, 2021

TV Licence Fee

Last week I received a letter from Czech Television letting me know that I need to pay a TV licence fee.  I do own a television but I use it to watch Netflix, YouTube or AppleTV.  I don't watch Czech TV, I don't have cable or satellite service so what gives?  

Apparently every household that owns a television, whether you use it or not, is required to pay 135 Kč ($6 or €5) a month.  You have the option of paying monthly, quarterly or annually.

The money goes toward funding Czech Television (Česká televize) and Czech Radio (Český rozhlas).  Neither receives any government funding so the money received from licensing helps keep public broadcasting independent from political influence.

Every household is required to pay regardless of how many televisions or radios they own.  Business and the self-employed have to pay a licence fee for each television and radio owned.

Apparently they got my info from my electric provider.  A friend of mine in Prague received the same notification last week so I guess there's a push right now to collect.  TV licensing fees aren't a thing in the USA but they are normal in Europe with each country doing its own thing.  In Germany for example the monthly fee is €17,50 while there's no fee in Spain.

The letter I received did provide for the option of declaring that I don't own a television.  I really don't want to get in trouble for not paying my TV fee when I'm trying to apply for citizenship.  I just went online, paid the yearly fee and now I'm covered.

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