Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Czech Unemployment Rises

Czechland has had very low unemployment and in January 2019 the unemployment rate was 1,9%.  This was the first time ever that an EU country was under 2%. 

Due to COVID-19 it was pretty certain that the unemployment rate would increase.  In November 2020 there was 3,8% unemployment and 4% in December.  This is the highest that it has been since the summer of 2017.

Even with the increase, Czechland still has the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union.

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in October 2020 for Czechland was 3,1%.  For comparison the entire EU rate was 7,6% and it was 8,5% for the Eurozone countries.

Spain had the highest unemployment at 16,2%.  I expected that Greece would have had the highest and it actually may have but the data for Greece wasn't available.

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