Saturday, January 2, 2021

2021 Public Holidays

The good thing about 2020 was that it was a leap year with 1 January falling on a Wednesday which meant that we got the maximum of 11 out of 13 public holidays off.  The rub was that whilst we had the days off we couldn't go anywhere due to COVID-19.

Since the 1st fell on a Friday this year we only get 9 public holidays this year with only 2 long weekends.

We lose out on any public holidays that fall on a weekend which means that we don't get any days off in May because the 1st and 8th both fall on Saturdays.

Christmas falls on Friday which means that we only get the 24th off because the 25th and 26th fall on Saturday and Sunday.  Even 1 January 2022 falls on a Saturday.

There was talk of getting a new public holiday for 21 August to mark the 1968 invasion but it ended up being designated as a "significant day" rather than a public holiday.

Now we've just got to hold out until April for a four-day weekend.

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