Saturday, May 16, 2020

Czech Language Memes

Since my citizenship test and language exam were cancelled and postponed until December I've continued to focus on studying.  Lots of Skype lessons have at least given me something to do during the lockdown.  I've come across several memes about the Czech language that I thought I'd share.  Trust and believe that they are all true.

There's the Ř sound that doesn't exist in any other language.  I can do it now but it was hit or miss for a few years.

There's ty and vy - the informal vs formal versions of "you".  Not that difficult but then because of the 7 cases there are actually 8 words that all mean "you".

The grammar is difficult.  I understand a lot more than I used to but it is difficult for native English speakers.

There's the verbal aspect which means that you have to basically learn two different verbs for every verb in English.

Even Czech months have to be difficult to learn because unlike other languages they aren't based on Latin.

I speak Spanglish and German so I can confirm that this one is pretty dang accurate.

I didn't make any of these memes.  I just found them online.  Well enough bitching about Czech as it's time for me to get back to studying.

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