Thursday, May 18, 2017

New Quid

The Euro isn't the only currency being refreshed in Europe.  Last September, the Bank of England released a brand new fiver in the United Kingdom.

Old £5 above, new £5 below
The new £5 bank note is made from polymer so it is plastic.  The new bill has enhanced security features which makes it harder to counterfeit.  The plastic bill is expected to last at least 2,5 times longer than the old paper notes.

Back side of the new fiver
People had until midnight on 5 May 2017 to spend their old paper £5 notes before they went out of circulation.  Scotland and Northern Ireland print their own bank notes so I assume that they also have new polymer £5 notes but I haven't seen them.

A new £10 note will be released in September.  The new £20 note is scheduled for 2020.

Here's a short YouTube video about the new fiver.

©Bank of England

Front side - new £1 on left, old £1 on right
Then on 28 March 2017 a new £1 coin was released.  The new 12-sided coin is supposed to be the world's most secure coin.
Back side - new £1 on left, old £1 on right
The old "round pound" will no longer be legal tender on 15 October 2017.  I need to check to see how many old coins I still have.
Here's another YouTube video, this one about the new coin.

©The Royal Mint

Update:  Here's the new £10 bank note.
Update:  Here's the new £20 and £50.

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