Sunday, January 24, 2016

Furniture Building Time

Before wardrobe photo
My current flat came furnished and my new flat is unfurnished which means that I've spent the last couple of weekends at Ikea getting some decorating ideas and ordering some furniture.  I'm looking forward to moving in to my new place once everything is set up.  The new place is great but on the downside there is no closet or much storage to speak of.  I hired a couple of guys to come over help assemble furniture.  Here are a few of the before and after photos.
The completed wardrobe

There was no way I was going to put together a three meter wardrobe together by myself.  Especially this one with the pull out storage bins and shoe racks.

Pre-storage unit

At the entrance there's now a storage unit and a coat rack.

There's a sideboard now next to the dining table.

There's now a secretary desk in the living room.  I'm thinking of turning it in to a bar.

The poor guys were here for most of the day yesterday.  Aside from the wardrobe, storage unit, sideboard and secretary desk, they also put together a couple of bookshelves, an office chair, and hung up a mirror.  It was't just them though.  I did manage to take care of the coat rack, a footstool, another storage bin, and a few shelves.  The best part was that they hauled off all of the cardboard boxes.  I've been slowly moving things over to the new place.  In a few weeks the same guys will show up with a moving van and help haul all of my boxes over here.

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