Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Czech License Plates

A = Prague
Image from Wikipedia
Cars in Czechland have two license plates, one of the front and one on the back.  The only difference is that the one on the back has registration and technical inspection stickers.

When you look at a Czech license plate you can tell where a car is registered by looking at the second character on the left.  The alpha character tells which kraj (region) the car is registered.

A = Prague
B = South Moravia For me, B = Brno
C = South Bohemia
E = Pardubice
H = Hradec Králové
J = Highland
K = Karlovy Vary
L = Liberec
M = Olomouc
P = Plzeň
S = Central Bohemia
T = Moravia-Silesia
U = Ústi nad Labem
Z = Zlín

B = Brno
As of last year, the plates are not changed if the vehicle owner moves to another region or if the vehicle is re-registered to a new owner in a different region.  New plates are issued if the plate is damaged, lost or stolen.

As of yesterday it is now possible to get a personalised "vanity" plate in Czechland.  The requested plate must have eight characters with at least one numeric character.  There are about 900 words deemed vulgar by the Ministry of Transportation which are not allowed.  No plates may begin with G, CH, O, Q or W.  The price for vanity plates is 10 000 Kč (~$400).

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