Saturday, December 26, 2015

2015 Christmas

Well another Christmas has come and gone.  On Christmas Day (24 December) which is what I still call Christmas Eve, was a German Christmas with Claudia's parents coming down from Berlin.

Orphan's Christmas goose

Of course Tünde was spoiled rotten.  But that's a part of being a kid.  She really seemed to enjoy the keyboard and microphone that Santa Claus brought.  It was even worth going through Czech Black Friday to get it.

Yesterday was the second day of Christmas (25 December) and I had a few people over for another "Orphan's Christmas".

Today was St. Stephan's Day (Boxing Day) so mainly just hanging out and trying to recover from the past couple of days.  Merry Christmas to everyone back in the USA!  In Czechland, Veselé Vánoce všem!

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