Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Candy Store

Yesterday, several of us met up for brunch at my new happy place - the East Village Bar & Diner.  It was awesome.  They have real American pancakes and Aunt Jemima syrup.  We started talking to the owner and he told us about where he gets a lot of his supplies of American goodies and it turns out that there is a new place in Brno called The Candy Store.

The Candy Store opened earlier this year and is only a 15 minute walk from my flat.  I had heard about this store in Prague but I didn't realize that there was now a location here.  I almost lost my mind when I walked through the door.  They have all kinds of yummy good things.

They have Dr. Pepper, A&W Root Beet and Cream Soda, Arizona Ice Tea, Duncan Hines cake mixes and frosting, Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, Fluff, Hersey's chocolate syrup, Aunt Jemima syrup, Reese's peanut butter cups, Pop Tarts...  The list goes on and on.

Real Jelly Belly jelly beans
This place will be popular with my colleagues because they have Jelly Belly jelly beans.  This is great news for me because now I no longer need to have them shipped over from the USA.  Now to figure out what I can eliminate from my care package lists.

Some items are a bit pricey.  A box of Pop Tarts cost 109 Kč ($5.62).  A big box of Lucky Charms breakfast cereal, which is almost pure sugar, costs 219 Kč ($11.30).  I wouldn't mind the occasional bowl of breakfast cereal but there's no way that I see paying $11 a box for it.  But at least I can now get proper marshmallows and pumpkin pie filling for Thanksgiving.  I wonder if the store takes requests? 


  1. And what about probable increase of calorie income? :-)

  2. I'm afraid many of the products sold in this shop contain artifical dyes like:

    Blue No. 1 – Brilliant Blue FCF, E133 (blue shade)
    Blue No. 2 – Indigotine, E132 (indigo shade)
    Green No. 3 – Fast Green FCF, E143 (turquoise shade)
    Red No. 40 – Allura Red AC, E129 (red shade)
    Red No. 3 – Erythrosine, E127 (pink shade, commonly used in glacé cherries)[11]
    Yellow No. 5 – Tartrazine, E102 (yellow shade)
    Yellow No. 6 – Sunset Yellow FCF, E110 (orange shade)

    which are derived from coal tar and petroleum.

    According to some studies they could be harmful, especially for kids.

    In EU countries the usage of natural food dyes is more widespread because most foods that contain artificial dyes must be labeled with warning stating the food "may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children."

    There are even companies selling two versions of products with different contents according to for which market (US/Europe) it's determined.


  3. It is amazing that exist this type of store here and it is in Brno, wauuu. I saved a web link into my favorites. Now I have a good tip where I will buy some gifts to my husband for birthday garden party in August :-)
    ~Pavla O.~