Tuesday, April 9, 2013

East Village Bar & Diner

I have a new favorite place in Brno.  The East Village Bar & Diner just opened and it is awesome!!  I went there with Claudi and Norbert last night for dinner.

The owner is a Czech guy who lived in North Carolina for over ten years.  He said that when he moved back here he found himself missing certain foods so he opened this restaurant.  Not only does the food rock but the service is great too.

They have hamburgers, pulled pork sandwiches, chili fries, real pancakes, BLTs, country hashbrowns, Philly cheesesteaks, hot wings and blue cheese dressing!!  And they have Dr. Pepper!!

Here's the menu.  They don't have everything yet but they're getting there.  I have a feeling that this may be the gang's new hangout.  Or at least mine. 

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