Saturday, February 2, 2013

USA Postage Increase

On January 27, the U.S. Postal Service raised its rates for postage.  The cost of a first-class stamp went up a cent to 46¢.  The price to mail a postcard also increased a penny to 33¢.

New 46¢ Stamp
International postage went up too.  A letter to Canada or Mexico used to cost 85¢ and it was $1.05 for everywhere else.  Now it's $1.10 across the board.  Which is about what it costs me here.  A postcard from ČR to the USA is 21 Kč (~$1.10).

American mail trucks are right-side drive
Overall the U.S. Postal Service raised prices for mailing and shipping services on average by 4%.  Priority mail prices rose 6.3%.

With e-mail and everyone paying bills on-line, the USPS has been hurting for money.  Obviously, my biggest concern is what this will do to the price of postage for my care packages?    

One way they can save money is to cancel Saturday delivery.  In the USA, mail is delivered Monday through Saturday.  In ČR, mail is delivered only Monday through Friday.  This was something I adapted to very quickly.  It's nice not receiving a bunch of junk mail on Saturdays.

EDIT:  Yikes!  The price of a 20lb care package from the USA went from $55 to $77.

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