Saturday, September 15, 2012

One week in Atlanta

I can't believe that I've already been back in Atlanta for a week.  Or that my trip to the USA is already 1/3rd over.  Damn!  Time is flying by.  It feels like I just got here.  I've had a great time here with Steven and Michael.  They run one heck of an inn!!

I didn't get to see everyone in Atlanta I wanted to this time so I guess I'll have to come back a little more often than once every three years.  Now it's time to get all packed up for my flight to Arizona.

Me & Sasha

I'm going to spend a few days with my parents and then we will drive on to California.  Skype is great and all but it will be nice to see and talk to my family in person.

Me & Steven's Mom
Michael & Steven
My big challenge here is my luggage.  Flying between Europe and the USA (in business class) allowed me to check in 2 suitcases.  Both of which could be 32 Kg (70 lbs).  However, now I'm flying Southwest Airlines from Georgia to Arizona and my two bags can only be 23 Kg (50 lbs) each.  I did shed some weight by giving out some of the gifts I had brought.  But I also did a bit of clothes shopping.  Time to start moving things about so that I don't get stuck with any excess baggage fees.  Once I unload all of the gifts I have in Arizona and California my suitcases will have lots of room for me to fill up back to the 32 Kg mark.  I foresee lots more clothes shopping.

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