Sunday, September 2, 2012

Maxim's Going Away Party

On of my colleagues, Maxim, decided to leave IBM to explore another opportunity elsewhere.  While I'm sorry to see him leave I do wish him all the luck in the world with his new job.

Since Max is Russian it only made since that for his going away party, a bunch of us all met up for dinner and drinks at a little local Russian restaurant.

There was plenty of typical Russian bar food which means lots of herring.  It was all really good, especially if you like herring.

What gets you in trouble is the vodka.  Now don't get me wrong, vodka is my spirit of choice but you just can't out drink Russians, Ukrainians or Moldovans.

When you drink vodka "Russian style" it means that they bring out little pitchers of vodka and put them on the table for you to help yourself.

It's a good thing that I was double-booked Friday night so I wasn't able to stay long.  Otherwise Saturday could have been a little rough.

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