Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Granny Cart

I go to the grocery store here every two or three days just to pick up what I need.  That's a lot different from the weekly or bi-weekly trips I used to make in the USA.  There are several reasons.  One, I don't have a car here so there is no trunk for me to fill up.  Secondly, in Euroland we have smaller refrigerators and freezers so you don't buy in bulk because there isn't normally room for a whole lot.  And finally, food here isn't loaded full of preservatives so it spoils much faster than back home.  Which is kind of nice because I'm always cooking with fresh food.

In my laptop bag I have a single plastic shopping bag that I use whenever I stop by the market on the way home.  It's easy for me because I'm just one person.  But for families, it is a bit harder to carry all of their groceries.  That's when the "granny cart" comes in handy.  It's basically a rolling sack and you see the all over Europe. 

I see people, mostly the granny type, every morning going about their shopping with their carts in tow.  Some of them are quite plain while others are quite colorful and have lots of pockets and such.  Some are even insulated.  The nice thing about these carts, I guess, is that they are sturdy and collapsible so they don't take up too much room at home.

I get by with my single shopping bag.  Or I can also take my backpack in case I need to purchase a lot.  So no need for the granny cart just yet.   

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