Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Lázeňské oplatky are spa wafers.  Back in the 18th century they were a homemade treat.  Towards the middle of the 19th century they became mass produced in the Czech spa towns like Mariáské Lázné, Karlovy Vary and Luhačovice.

Norbert, Claudi & Nat enjoying oplatky
You can find them in almost every grocery store here.  But in the Czech spa towns there are stands where you can get them served warm.

Basically they are just a super thin wafer with a fine layer of sugary cream filling.  In the grocery stores you can always find vanilla, chocolate or chocolate hazelnuts (my favorite).  But from the stands you can get apple, coconut, almond, cinnamon, lemon, chocolate coconut, etc.  Oplatky are a nice little treat.  I need to remember to buy a few boxes to take home to my family in September.

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