Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011 Christmas Eve

Yesterday was Christmas Day (December 24th) in the ČR. Once again, time for people all over the country to settle down with the traditional meal of fried carp and potato salad.

Fortunately, I escaped having bath tub fish for dinner. Katka and Steluţa invited me, along with Katka's mom, to have dinner at their flat. It was a really nice time and dinner was awesome. Katka decided to try something new and baked an entire slab of tuna. Not quite the traditional Czech meal but way tastier!!!

Steluţa is going to move back to Bucharest in a few months so who knows if this will be our last Christmas dinner together. Sad. But this is what happens when you have a bunch of expats. Sooner or later, most people return home.

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