Monday, August 1, 2011

EEEC Gold Award 2011

Well we did it! With 40.95% of the vote my little blog won as the best expat blog in eastern Europe. It was a close race but Team Christopher beat CzechingIn by only 3 votes. However, between our two blogs we took over 80% of the vote. I'm so glad that both first and second place went to the Czech Republic.

This blog simply started as a way for my friends back in the USA to keep up with what I was doing over here and so that I would not seem so far away to my family. And two years later I'm the gold award winner! I still don't know who nominated me for this contest but "thank you" to whomever did. Here's what was said about my blog...

The aim of this competition was to raise awareness of the excellent writing present on the expat blogosphere in eastern (and central) Europe. Christopher's Expat Adventure is the perfect example. Simple and clean design coupled with regular posts produced to an extremely high standard. Christopher's Expat Adventure is a must see for anyone thinking of visiting Czech Rep. on holiday, relocating as an expat or for anyone who is simply curious in what Brno, and the country as a whole, has to offer. At EEEC, we like how easy it is to navigate around the blog and with hundreds of posts going back to 2009, it is very easy to get lost (in a good way!) amongst the wealth and depth of writing.

If you haven't been over there yet, you must! You won't be disappointed!

Once more, congratulations! and EEEC, along with the many other readers of Christopher's Expat Adventure will be waiting with baited breath to see what the blog has to offer in the remainder of 2011 and 2012!

WOW!! I need to thank everyone who helped to make this happen. It was a tough and, often times, stressful month. Thanks to some very dedicated blog followers, plus the occasional call for votes on Twitter and Facebook, I was able to come out on top. Special thanks goes out to my campaign managers who helped make all of this possible. I still can't believe that it came down to 3 votes but this just proves that every single vote counts.

Now that it's over I can focus my OCD on other things. But it was fun. I've also found a few new blogs to check out such as the bronze winner Do You Speak Polish? I've really enjoyed reading his blog and he's given me some cool trip ideas. It's well worth checking out.

So thanks again for everyone's support. I really appreciate it. However, now the pressure is on to keep coming up with new things to write about.


  1. yeahhhh being proud that yours made it!!!:) is so great to read the nice nice nice statement of EEEC ;)...

    so looking forward reading tons of more crazy stories and adventures with your management team;)

  2. Hey,
    I think the whole EEEC thing was a really great idea, I've found a few new blogs which for sure I will be reading on a regular basis.

    Glad I could be of service and give you new trip ideas. I'd definitely recommend Ukraine - such an exciting place! This blog and CzechinIn have really motiviated me to spend more than a weekend in Czech Republic - that's next on my 'to do' list.

  3. Here the main aim of this competition was to raise awareness of the excellent writing present on the expat blogosphere in eastern.Very nice ambition.Thanks to some very dedicated blog followers,Thank you.

  4. Wow.. I follow your link from blog counter forum as what I have said there you deserve my vote... And by the way you have a very impressive post thanks love to read more on your post. And if you can leave a comment on my game site too I will appreciate it so much christopher.

  5. Yea Christopher and Team Christopher! Truly a well-deserved honor. I'm excited to read what you write next and see also where you will go.

  6. that's pretty cool - congrats!

    wish i had written a blog while in brno from 06-08.. i miss it!!!!!!

  7. Thanks Annie. I wish you had written a blog too. But then again, I'd have less to write about now. ;) It would be interesting to see how much has changed since you were.