Wednesday, July 27, 2011

40th Birthday Fiesta

OK, so I think I have now fully recovered from the 40th birthday fiesta on Saturday night. July is a tough time to throw a party because this is prime vacation time. Even still there were about 35 people who came to Železná Růže for a nice, respectable little roar. Friends even made it from Prague and Břeclav. What a great time!!

This was the same place where Claudia had her 30th birthday and they did a great job again. We had the whole back room with the bar and a DJ. They grilled turkey and pork, plus sausages, and set out vegetable, cheese, meat and fruit trays with all of the fixings. Along with plenty of champagne, wine and beer. Not to mention all of the vodka and tequila shots that people kept sending over to me. But somehow I hung in there. =)

I still can't believe that so many people made such a fuss about my birthday. When people asked what I wanted for my birthday all I said was that I wanted my friends to come and have a good time. Well my friends don't always listen to me. I received so many bottles of wine, vodka, schnapps and slivovice. Along with some cool art work and a couple of good books. My friends know I'm in this blog contest and apparently they didn't want me to run out of adventures so they lined up a few things for me to do. Let's see...I get to go paragliding and go on a hot air balloon ride. Did I mention that I'm scared of heights? But I so can't wait to do both. And if I do get a little stressed then afterwards I get to relax at a Thai massage parlor. Plus a trip to Berlin over the long holiday weekend in November. I'm totally psyched about all of my new upcoming adventures. Yeah!!

We closed the place down around 12:30 am and a good ten of us wound up at a club until late. I think I managed to crawl in to bed around 6 am. I guess I'm not too old to still tear it up once in a while. On Sunday, my friend Aleš helped me go back to the restaurant to pick up all of the gifts and leftover food. Luckily, I wasn't hung over at all but I was definitely exhausted. It's a good thing that I don't turn 40 very often. All of the photos, after editing, are out on Flickr. I'm very fortunate to have made such a good group of friends over here the ČR. Thank you again to everyone for making this such a great birthday.

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