Thursday, May 26, 2011

French Food

So there is no way around it. French food is simply the best. Some people may wonder how how eating liver, onion soup, snails, frog's legs, raw beef and cheese can be good. But it so is.

Everything is so fresh and absolutely delicious. My morning café au lait always tastes better in France. Especially with a fresh baked croissant. The bread here is amazing!! With so many bakeries the French just don't believe in not having a fresh baguette.

In France, the entrée is the appetizer. Unlike in the U.S. where the entree is the main course. This is where you have some delicious onion soup, escargots or the foie gras (duck or goose liver). I'm not too keen on the frog's legs...they taste like chicken but with a lot of bones. But hey, you've got to try them at least once.

Then you move on to the main course. My favorite is the beef tartare. I know that it is raw beef but it is yummy.

After that you then have a cheese plate or dessert, or both. And how can you go wrong with crème brûlée?

And don't forget the pre-meal drink, all of the wine and the post meal beverage.

The good thing is that in a city like Paris there is a lot of walking to do which is needed to help work off all of the rich food. Otherwise you will do nothing but gain a ton of weight. But what a way to go.

Here's a short Rick Steves episode from YouTube where he talks about all of the cliché French food worth trying.

©Rick Steves

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  1. When I was last in the Czech Republic, all of those gigantic snails wandering around outside made me want to try and cook them ala the French way as escargot or champignons magique. I googled 'cooking wild snails' and it is a bit more involved then I thought. But hey Chris, you're still there and you could try it! :-)