Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 Brno Museum Night

Once a year, several cities in Europe have a museum night where all of a city's museums are free in the evening. Yesterday was Brno's 7th annual museum night and, from 6 pm to midnight, there was free access to 16 different institutions.

Most places had some sort of exhibition at the top of each hour, in addition to, the normal permanent and temporary exhibits. There were also some music and dance exhibitions at the old town hall.

Given the crowds, over 140,000 people, it did get a bit crowded at times. But it is a great way to check things out for free. I really enjoyed the Moravian Gallery, the second largest art museum in the country. Here they had a photography exhibit, as well as, The Head of Medusa (circa 1618) by Peter Paul Rubens.

Next Saturday is going to be Brno's Night of the Churches. Same thing as museum night but you can go inside all of the churches and even in to parts of the churches that are normally off limits. I missed it last year and it looks like I will have to catch it next year because this year I'll be in France. Steven and Michael have been on a European cruise and when they finish they are going to meet me in Paris for a few days. By coincidence, Marcus will be in Paris with his brother, mom and aunt. So I'll get to see a bunch of Atlanta folk in France. Can't wait.

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