Sunday, January 24, 2010


Krtek, the mole, is the Czech version of Mickey Mouse. Zdeněk Miler created the animated character when he was commissioned to make an educational film for children in 1956. Apparently, he got the idea to use a mole as his main character when he stumbled over a mole hill while walking.

Krtek's first film was called "Jak krtek ke kalhotkám přišel" ("How the mole got his pants"). Further episodes started in 1963 and, to date, there are about 50.

Each episode only lasts a few minutes and attempts to teach children life's lessons and about becoming good members of the community.

Krteček, the little mole, is a cheerful and resourceful critter. Along with his friends - a family of rabbits, a hedgehog, a mouse and a cricket, Krtek finds solutions to problematic situations.

The cartoons have been released in +80 countries but were most popular in Czechoslovakia, East Germany and Poland. There are all kinds of Krtek memorabilia in almost every Prague gift shop.

In 2006, Zdeněk Miler was awarded a Medal of Merit, First Grade.

Here's Krtek a rybka - The mole and the small fish, that was released in 2000.


  1. Great! :) How on earth does an adult expat come across such things? Do you have Czech friends who introduce you to the fundamentals of the Czech culture? :)

    I thought you might like this:

    It is a Czech folk song, karaoke version for children. Maybe not bad for foreigners who want to practice listening. Click on similar videos, too.

  2. You might be interested in czech movies with english subtiles on youtube. I tried to send the links before but something went wrong. The movies are very different from the US production. Mostly about ordinary people. I would call the movies more ,human,. There are some good ones but some of my favourite are missing (like Kolja):(

    Home sweet home. Story of a village in 80's and particularly one man who cares about retarded co-worker. Very nice thing

    Cosy dens. Very nice movie set in 1967. Story of two families - one of them is a family of a czech patriot who fought against Germans and then spent years in communist prison and the other is a Peoples army officer.

    Then there is a profile with more movies. He has especially the old movies from 60's. You will find info on those movies in the profile or check the comments and you will find what you like:) For example The cremator is said to be the best movie created in Czechoslovakia (by critics I would not say that:). The larks on the string is a nice movie. The ear is a show of bravery - it is from 1970. The story is about communist minister in 50' who believes he did something wrong and that the party wants to eliminate him. It is a story of one night where he sees agents everywhere and is just waiting for them to come and kill him. Played by famous actors of the time but officially released to theaters in 1990

  3. Thank you very much for the YouTube links. The karaoke links can only help me with my pronunciation.

    I will for sure give the movies a try. Kolya is one of my favorites too.

    Thanks again!