Sunday, June 23, 2019

Cursing in Czech

Before anyone reads any warned.  This one will be a bit rude and vulgar.  One of the first things that people learn when picking up a foreign language are the curse words.  Well there is no shortage of them in Czech which is why this will come in multiple blog posts.

Vůl means "ox" but it is slang for "dude" or "man".  When addressing each other it is vole.  The phrase Ty vole! is a casual way to call your friend a moron.  Only used with people you know well.  Ty vole is also used as filler and I've heard teenagers use it in every other sentence.  It could also be used as an equivalent expression for "wow" or "oh damn".

Ty krávo (cow) = the female version of vole.  Like using "bitch" with a close friend.  But some girls will still use ty vole with each other.

Sakra! = Damn!

Kurva = slut, whore.
Kurva! is used as an interjection when you are surprised or annoyed.  It's harsher than sakra, basically the equivalent of saying "fuck", "damn", or "shit" when surprised.  Kurvo! means "you ho!"

Prdel = ass.  Do prdele! translates to "to the ass".  Used like kurva to say "fuck!".  Jdi do prdele translates to "go to the ass" but is the equivalent of "bugger off" or "fuck off".

Polib mi prdel is "kiss my ass".

Vyliž si! is "fuck off!.  It literally means "go lick your own ass".

Je to fakt v prdeli translates to "it really is in the ass".  The English equivalent is "it totally sucks".
Je mi to u prdele translates to "it is near the asshole to me" expresses indifference like "whatever" or "I don't care".

Píča = pussy, twat.  Do píče! translates to "into a twat" and is the equivalent of yelling "fuck" in English.  Jdi do píči! literally means "go into a pussy" but translates to "fuck off" or "go fuck yourself".  Píco means "You twat!"

Kunda = cunt.  This one is very vulgar in Czechland.

Ty hajzle! = You asshole!

Hovno = shit.  Je to hovno means "that's bullshit".

Šlapka = hooker
Čubka = bitch
Štětka Děvka = both translate to slut.  I think that děvka is harsher.

Šukat / Prcat / Jebat = to fuck.  Mrdat is a more vulgar version.

Péro (pen), pták (bird), čurák (cock) are all used for "dick" or "cock".
Kokote! would translate to "wanker" or "dickhead" in English.

Here's a short South Park clip from YouTube.  There aren't any subtitles but given the vocabulary above it should be pretty easy to get the jist of the scene.

I've got a few stories about some language blunders that I'll get around to writing about.  I'll also see about putting together another post of more Czech cursing.  I should write about Czech slang.  There's also some very Brno specific slang that I could share.  

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