Sunday, May 19, 2019

2019 Eurovision Final Results

Another Eurovision has come and gone.  The finals of the 64th edition were held last night in Israel.

Things were looking good after Tuesday's semi-final 1.  Of the 17 countries participating on Tuesday, Czechland came in second place with 242 points.

There were 26 countries in last night's finals.  Lake Malawi ended up in 11th place with 157 points.  Here's the Czech performance from the finals that I found out on YouTube.

©Eurovision Song Contest

The 2019 winner was Duncan Laurence from the Netherlands.  His song Arcade won with 498 points.  Here's the winning performance.

©Eurovision Song Contest

Fair play to Czechland coming in 11th.  Not quite as good as last year's 6th place finish but still respectable.  I still say that Czechland would do better if Slovakia participated because they would always vote for each other. 

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