Monday, January 21, 2019

Record Low Unemployment

Back in  September 2016 Czechland had the lowest unemployment in the EU at 5,2%.  Well it has continued to fall.  The unemployment rate here is now 1,9%.  It's the first time in EU history that a country has been under 2%.  Way to go Czechland!

Germany comes in second at 3,3%, followed by the Netherlands at 3,5%, and Hungary at 3,7%.

The EU-wide average is 6,7% and the average for the Eurozone countries is 7,9%.

The most unemployment is in Italy at 10,5%, Spain at 14,7%, and Greece at 18,6%.

More and more foreigners are coming to Czechland for work.  While foreigners only make up 5% of the population, we account for 11% of the workforce.

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