Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Chlebíčky are Czech open-faced sandwiches.  Cheap and filling.  They are awesome.

A single sandwich is a chlebíček.  Chlebíčky is plural.  They are available in both Czechland and Slovakia.

It makes for a quick lunch and they are quite popular at parties.

Veka is a type of long white bread similar to New Orleans French bread.

Take a slice of the bread and cover it with butter, cheese spread, Czech bramborový salát (potato salad), viaššký salát (Wallachian salad) or pařížský salát (Paris salad).

Česky bramborový salát
Czech potato salad contains potatoes, mayonnaise, mustard, onions, eggs, pickles, peas and carrots.  The peas and carrots aren't found in American potato salads so it took some getting used to when I first moved here.  But now Czech potato salad is my favourite.  At Christmas, this is the traditional side dish with the fried carp.

Pařížský salát is made from mayonnaise, mustard, strips of ham/bologna, peas, pickles, onion, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper.

Vlaššký salát is pretty much the same thing as pařížský salát plus it contains potatoes and carrots.

Then various toppings such as salami, ham, hard boiled egg, red pepper, pickles, tomato, cucumber, cheese and parsley.

Sometimes they can be quite posh.  Some have crab spread while others contain Brie and Camembert cheese, smoked salmon or pickled Herring.

A chlebíček is an inexpensive snack.  Each one costs 15 - 25 Kč (75¢ - $1.20).  

I had an equivalent sandwich for lunch, in Gothenburg, the last time I was in Sweden.  Like everywhere in Scandinavia everything costs significantly more.  There an open faced shrimp sandwich, räksmörgås, set me back 105 SEK ($13).  It was quite tasty but I would have preferred a chlebíček for 25 Kč.

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