Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Makro is a membership warehouse club.  Kind of the European version of Costco, sort of.  In order to shop at Makro you need to have a membership card and membership is only open to business entities.

In Europe, the stores are owned by Metro AG while in Latin America they are owned by SHV Holdings.

There are 13 Makro stores in Czechland.  They offer some very good prices.  I love going to Makro because you are able to find some things, seafood and other food stuffs, that you'll never find in a normal Czech grocery store.

One of my team approached our HR office with an idea to offer Makro memberships to IBM Brno employees.  It was a great idea and that's how I scored my card.  Good job Andrew!

One of the interesting things about the store is that young children are not allowed.  Kids under 140 cm aren't allowed inside.

I love that because you never have to deal with kids running around the store, especially with the forklifts in use.   

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