Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Bag Arrived

Hallelujah!!  My suitcase was finally delivered to me in Dublin.  What a mess!

So when my bag didn't arrive in Ireland with me I was given a case number and an 800-number.  I was also able to check the status on line.  Of course, the online status was always "tracing".  In the initial report on Sunday morning, I told the guy that it was a black Samsonite hard case bag.  What he typed in to the system was a black soft case bag (no brand).  On Monday I informed the agent on the phone of the discrepancy and he said he would update it.  He was also going to add my e-mail address to the ticket. 

On Tuesday I spoke to another agent.  Gave the same information and she said that she would update it.  She said the bag might show up on Wednesday by 6 PM.

On Wednesday morning, the status still said "tracing".  And the online description was still not updated nor was my e-mail address there.  I got so annoyed that I took to Twitter and tagged #britishairways and #aerlingus about how I was still missing my bag and how bad the customer service had been.

Within 15 minutes, Aer Lingus sent me an apology message via Twitter.  I messaged back about the run around I had been given.  Twenty minutes later, I received another message assuring me that they had now finally updated the ticket.  At least I finally felt listened to.

My bag arrived a couple of hours ago.  I'm so happy to have my stuff.  I was supposed to work in the Dublin office this week but that didn't happen because I had no clothes.  Tomorrow will be a busy day because I need to squeeze five days of face-to-face meetings in to a single day.

On the bright side...I won't have as much laundry to do when I get back to Brno on Sunday.

Update:  Due to the delay, I received €400 from British Airways.  It took a couple of weeks but I finally received the deposit.  Since I travel so much I keep travel insurance with Allianz.  They gave me 5000 Kč (~€195) for the baggage delay.  This claim just paid for this year's travel insurance.

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