Saturday, March 11, 2017

Vila Löw-Beer

Vila Löw-Beer is located in Brno's Černá Polé district.  It was built in 1930 by Moritz Fuhrmann.  He died in 1910 and his heirs sold the property in to Alfred Löw-Beer in 1913.

Alfred Löw-Beer was a Jewish industrialist and textile trader.  At the end of the 1920s he gave the upper part of the land to his daughter Greta.  She and her husband Fritz Tugendhat built Vila Tugendhat there.

Alfred and the family lived there until 1939 when they emigrated.  In 1940 the Nazis seized the villa and it was used by the Gestapo.  After the war, the property was taken by the Czechoslovak state.  From 1962 to 2012 it was used as a youth home.

It is currently owned by the South Moravian Region and administered as a museum.  There was a complete renovation completed from 2013 - 2014.

There's a permanent exhibition on display called The World of the Brno Bourgeoisie Around the Lõw-Beers and Tugendhats.  I really want to go check this out after having read "The Glass Room".

The villa and back garden are both accessible to the public.  The back garden goes all the way up to Vila Tugendhat but a fence separates the two properties.  Probably because Tugendhat is a UNESCO World Heritage Site but it would be nice to be able freely walk directly from one to the other.

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