Tuesday, October 11, 2016

National Coming Out Day

11 October is National Coming Out Day.  It began in the USA in 1988.  The belief is that homophobia exists in silence and ignorance.  If people know that their friends and family members are gay then they are less likely to maintain homophobic views.

National Coming Out Day is observed in Switzerland and the UK.  And thanks to Facebook and other social media, it's gone worldwide.

National Coming Out Day inspired me to come out to my family in 1993.  One of the best things that I ever did.  The thing about being gay is that we don't have to come out just once.  We have to come out all of the time.  Just because your mom knows, doesn't mean that your doctor knows, or that your boss or colleagues know.  We get to choose to whom and when we come out to.  So Happy National Coming Out Day!

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