Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Verdict is in

The verdict is finally in on the Kevin Dahlgren case.  This is the American who was accused of murdering four of his Czech relatives, here in Brno back in 2013, and then hopping on a flight from Vienna back to the USA.  He was apprehended upon landing at Washington Dulles Airport.

The Czech government asked for his extradition and after two years he was sent back to Brno in 2015.  I still hear that this is the first time ever that the USA extradited an American citizen to Czech Republic.  However, no one seems to remember that this was the first time that the Czechs ever requested extradition of an American.

He refused to testify at his trial in the regional court in Brno.  Today the judge sentenced him to life in prison.  After the verdict his lawyer immediately filed an appeal and the case will now go to the appeals court in Olomouc.

Update:  In March 2017, the original ruling was upheld in court.

Update:  On 11 January 2018, Dahlgren killed himself in his jail cell using the bedsheets.

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