Monday, May 2, 2016

Liz & James' Wedding

On Saturday was Liz and James' wedding in South West England.  They got married at the Church of the Annunciation at Woodchester Priory in Stroud.  It was a Roman Catholic church that opened in 1849.

It was a lovely ceremony and afterwards we all proceeded to Westonbirt where the reception was held.

James was in charge of organising the reception and boy did he deliver.  The reception was at the Westonbirt School which is an all-girls boarding school on over 200 acres.  The place was fantastic!  It looked like something right out of Harry Potter.  

It was great to join in on their special day and to catch up with several people from the Bratislava days.  Marcus even flew in from Atlanta.

Eiko and I got caught up now because there won't be time when the next time we see each other at her wedding in July.

It's tough on the bride and groom at the reception because they feel like they have to balance their time with all of the guests.

I told Liz not to worry about it.  It's her day and we'll have time to catch up at Eiko and Tommi's celebration in Helsinki.  It was such a beautiful day and we were so honoured to be included.  #jamesandlillywedding

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