Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Another London Travel Adventure

It seems that it wouldn't be a Valentine's Weekend in London without some sort of travel adventure.  The last time was when, due to bad weather, we were diverted north and spent the night in Doncaster.    Just a bit of a rough start but then a great time afterwards.

This time it was a bit of the reverse.  We had a great weekend but then the adventure began.  We were both flying Ryanair out of Stansted Airport.  I had a direct flight to Brno and Krasimir was to flying to Dublin.  Stansted is about 40 miles (~64 km) from London and the National Express bus takes about an hour.

We decided to catch an earlier bus and just use the extra time at the airport to have a late lunch before our flights.  At least that was the plan.  What we didn't account for were the three different traffic accidents on the highway and our one hour bus to the airport ended up taking over 3,5 hours.  Ugh!!  We so should have taken the train instead.

We pulled up to the airport with about 10 minutes before my flight was to depart.  Even if I had ran through the airport and managed to get through security and to my gate I still would not have been it because Ryanair does this immigration check on all non-EU passengers.  This, of course, was the only London to Brno flight of the day.

Krasimir did manage to catch his flight without a problem.  I had to then figure out how to get home.  Fortunately I was able to buy a ticket on Eurowings to Vienna.  It's 198 km (123 miles) from the Vienna Airport to Brno.

The only drawback is that I would miss the last train of the night back to Brno and going by bus would have me home around 5 am.  Not an option considering I had early morning meetings planned.

While waiting in London, I managed to arrange a pick up service that we use at work.  A driver met me at Vienna Airport and had me home in just over 1,5 hours.  At least I was able to get home.  I'm sure that there were other people who ended up stuck at Stansted.  Let's just hope that this is the last of our UK travel mishaps.  

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