Tuesday, November 17, 2015

17 November

Today is a public holiday in Czechland.  November 17 is Den boje za svobodu a demokracii - Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day.  Today commemorates the student demonstration against Nazi occupation in 1939, and the demonstration in 1989 that started the Velvet Revolution which brought an end to 40 years of communism in Czechoslovakia.

To celebrate today, I got to spend some godfather time with Tünde and we went to the movies with Claudia.  We saw Snoopy and Charlie Brown:  A Peanuts Movie.  Well actually we saw Snoopy a Charlie Brown.  Peanuts ve filmu because we saw the Czech version.

I found the Czech language movie trailer on YouTube so everyone can have a taste of what I got to sit through.  At least Tünde loved it which is all that matters.

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