Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 Expat Blog Contest

The good folks over at have put together another contest.  Last year the rankings were primarily determined by readers' comments.  In order to make it a bit more fair for new bloggers, this year they've decided to make a twist.

Participants need to write a "Top X" list for their particular country.  The contest entry must be written solely for this challenge so no previously published blog entries count.

I guess I need to come up with the "Top 10 Things to do in Brno" or the "Top 5 Expat Hangouts in Moravia."  Who knows what I'll come up with?

I need to submit my entry by December 11th and voting runs December 16th - 20th.  Wish me luck and don't forget to show some love by leaving feedback on the 16th.

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