Sunday, December 9, 2012

2012 CANZA Charity Ball

On Saturday, Natalie and I caught a train to Prague so that we could attend the annual CANZA Charity Ball.

CANZA is the Czech Australian New Zealand Association.  It's a social group in Prague that, since 2005, gives expats a chance to promote the cultures of Australia and New Zealand.  They host regular sporting, dining and charity events. 

This year's event was held at the Prague Congress Center.  There was an auction and a raffle to support Chance 4 Children which was this year's charity.  Chance 4 Children helps disabled children, as well as, those who are socially disadvantaged, institutionalized or terminally ill. 

It was a really nice evening and the food was excellent.  I've got to say that it was kind of fun being an honorary Kiwi for the night.  Nat even coached me on some Kiwi vocabulary so that I could fit in.  

We bought 2000 Kč ($100) worth of raffle tickets and ended up winning playing cards and some hand warmers.  Not exactly a bargain but it really doesn't matter since it was all for charity.

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