Sunday, August 19, 2012

Le Regina Hotel

This weekend's trip to Warsaw has been great fun.  Many people told me that there is nothing worth seeing here and that a trip to Poland is better spent in other cities.  And this mostly came from Poles.  However, I disagree.  Warsaw has been a really nice trip and I'll be back here for sure to see the stuff that I didn't have time for this visit.

While not a destination found on the tourist maps, our hotel was great.  Natalie decided that this weekend she wanted something a bit fancier than a hostel or pension so she got us a room at MaMaison's Le Regina Hotel.  So glad that she found a deal on it because this five star hotel is quite posh.  The service was wonderful and it made the perfect base for our weekend Warsaw getaway. 

The hotel is hidden away in the New Town section of the historic district.  In the 18th century the hotel was once the Mokrowski Palace.  It was destroyed in WWII and rebuilt in 1953.  It was the U.S. embassy in Poland until 1963.  Way cool!!

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