Saturday, April 14, 2012

Badminton Night

After the success of last month's ping pong outing, last night my Alps team had a badminton night.  In the USA, badminton is something that one normally does for a few weeks per year as part of a school P.E. (physical education) session.   

But here in Euroland it is a serious sport!  After all, it has been an Olympic event since 1992.  It's not uncommon to see people in the streets, headed to the gym, carrying their own racquets. 

We rented a sports hall at a local school for three hours after work.  There were three badminton courts at our disposal so we played singles and doubles.  One of the guys brought along his stereo so the entire time we played we were also jamming out to Latin and Brazilian music which made it even more fun as people (mostly me) danced around while smacking the birdie back and forth.  Good times! 

This was another successful team building event.  And it's nice to see some creative activities.  I wonder what this team will come up with for next month.

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