Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wandering Earl

I met this guy Derek at the hostel, where I stayed, in Ljubljana. He was one of the people that went on the tour to Bled and Bohinj. A really nice guy.

What I didn't realize until the next day was that Derek is actually Wandering Earl. Who knew that I had been in the presence of blogging royalty?

Back in 1999, he went on a three month trip to Asia and the trip has yet to come to an end. OK, so my little blog is basically just my diary. I started it so that I would not seem so far way from my family when I moved over here to Euroland. Wandering Earl's blog is a right, proper travel adventure.

Be sure to check it out here. He has had some pretty amazing adventures. Wait until you read about the time he got kidnapped in Bangledesh. Crazy!

Update:  Cool deal! I got mentioned in a Wandering Earl post about Bled.

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