Friday, August 14, 2009


By law, everyone here is obliged to participate in the health care insurance system which covers pretty much everything. Only certain cosmetic, acupunture, and homeopathic treatments are excluded. In general, services provided by GPs (general practitioner) are free at the point of use. People get to choose their own GP. But the GPs are not gatekeepers. They will refer patients to specialists, but patients can go see a specialist without a referal.

I've heard, from other expats here, that the Czech health care system is really good. That you can get right in to see a doctor and the fee, if any, is never more than 100-200 Kč (~$5.50 - $11 U.S.). But let's hope, except for the normal check-up's and such, that I won't ever have need of the Czech health system.

Všeobecná Zdravotní Pojištovna (VZP) is the biggest health insurance company in ČR. It covers basic treatments when visiting the doctor or going to the hospital. And it works in any EU country. If you are an EU citizen you get a blue health card. Citizens of non-EU countries, like me, get a green health card. So this is what I show when I go to a doctor or a hospital.

Here's a link, in English, about VZP.

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