Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Completing the List

With Claudia and Tünde in Berlin, and Natalie currently in Switzerland with the U.N., we're lucky if we can meet up once a year.  So it's amazing that from Christmas, to our weekend in Geneva, and this past week in Friedrichshagen we've gotten three visits in seven months.

After breakfast on Saturday morning Tünde made up a list of all of the things that had to do together.  What a to-do list it was.  Some of the things on the list were to do something together, jump on a trampoline, read stories, take a nap, make a volcano, go to the summer garden, write postcards, visit grandma and grandpa, go for sushi, and eat ice cream.  

We definitely over achieved on the ice cream.  But what are godparents for if they don't spoil you with lots of ice cream?

Natalie had never been to Spreewald before so on Monday we made a day of it there.  A boat ride along the canals, the world's best pickles and lard...what a great day.

We even got in a little beach time.  It's pretty cool that the beach area is where we went ice skating at in December.

On Tuesday we went over Rahnsdorf to help Claudia's parents with a major re-roofing project on the garden shed.  

They put us to work as day labourers with some of the cousins.  It felt so good to help out.  

Plus we did manage to complete everything on Tünde's list too.

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