Monday, February 13, 2017

Some London Shows

This weekend was a London West End theatre fest.  Well at least it was for us.  For something different we decided to see a couple of shows in the West End.

On Saturday we had a nice wander around the city.  I had hoped to get a short break from the Brno snow.  I've never seen London snow before so I didn't actually mind it when it came down.

Kinky Boots was our Saturday matinee at the Adelphi Theatre.  It was amazing!!  I had heard so many good things about the show so it was great to see it for myself.  Here's the show trailer that I found out on YouTube.

After a break and dinner, we went to the Phoenix Theatre to see The Girls.  This show ends in April so we definitely wanted to catch it before then.  Another awesome performance!  I need to find the cast recordings of both shows.

Here's a clip of The Girls that I found on YouTube. 

It was great getting away for the weekend.  While we really enjoyed both shows it was a bit much fitting two shows in to the same day.  We're keen to go back and do it again but next time we'll probably stick to a single show.

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