Friday, October 18, 2013

Off to Český Těšín/Cieszyn

Last year was Nat's "not" going away party.  When we thought she was going to move back to Scotland, she and I took a weekend trip to Warsaw since she had never been to Poland before.  Well, our luck finally ran out.  Next month, she has to move back to the UK.  Though instead of Edinburgh she will move back to London.

Since her farewell trip last time was to Poland we figured we would do it again.  So this afternoon we're off to visit Český Těšín / Cieszyn.  It's a divided city that is partially in ČR and in Poland.

Apparently, after WWI, there was a disagreement as to whether the city should go to Czechoslovakia or to Poland.  The Olza River runs through the city so that became the border between the two countries.  It's hard for me to imagine a city, split in two, with border guards on each side.  The only example I can think of is Berlin during the Cold War.  With both ČR and Poland being Schengen members the border is now open.
Some guys recently opened a hostel in Cieszyn and sent me a message.  They enjoyed my blog and knew that I liked Poland.  So they invited me to come stay at their place for a weekend.  And perhaps if I like it I would write about it.  Sounds fair to me.  So this afternoon, Nat, Eric, Krasimir and I are taking the three hour train to Český Těšín.  Then it should be a 15 minute walk to the 3 Bros' Hostel on the Polish side.

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