Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Increased Parental Benefits

Last year the government passed an amendment to the parental leave law and as of January parental benefits have increased.  The biggest change is that the total amount of money parents are eligible for has been increased.

For a single child under four years of age the amount increases from 220.000 Kč to 300.000 Kč ($9852 to $13,435).

For multiple children (twins, triplets, etc.) under the age of four then the amount increases from 330.000 Kč to 450.000 Kč ($14,778 to $20,152).

This new larger total amount is still paid out over two, three, or four years.

The government has increased the maximum amount of time that children younger than two years of age can be in kindergarten/preschool while the family receives parental benefits from the state.  

The logic was that if the state is paying for a parent to be at home with the kid then the parent should be at home with the kid.  So there was a limit was 46 hours per month.  The new limit is 92 hours per month.

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