Monday, June 10, 2013

My (Hopefully) Last Temporary Long-Term Visa

Today I received my new biometric long-term residency permit card.  Once again, it took me five visits.  These Czechs have got to figure out a way to streamline the bureaucracy.  It is absolutely maddening! 

The first visit was to submit my paperwork for another two-year extension.

Due to the delay in getting my work permit, I received a certified letter from the Interior Ministry that my visa renewal was put on hold until the work permit is finalized.  So when my work permit was finalized I had to go back to the ministry to provide them with a notarized copy.  That was the second visit.

I had to go back for a third time to get a temporary extension of my previous visa due to my Caucasus trip.  My previous visa would have expired while I was outside of the Schengen Zone.  I was told that it probably wouldn't be a problem since I have an American passport but I didn't want to risk it.  The temporary extension was another visa sticker that went in my passport.

My fourth visit to the ministry was to have a new photo and my fingerprints taken.

2500 Kč = $132
On my fifth, and thankfully final, visit I had to give them the 2500 Kč.  The only way to pay is with government stamps.

So I'm legal in Czechland until 2015.  Next year will be my fifth year so if I want I can apply for permanent residency.  This means that next year I'll have to go through all of this, (and a bit more), all over again.  On the upside, I will never have to deal with this again.

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