Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm Everywhere

So besides the election results, here's the other thing that happened to me yesterday.  I was in a meeting with my boss and she says that I'm everywhere.  I had no idea of what the hell she was talking about.  Apparently, this past weekend she was looking at a blog which she normally reads at and she found a picture of me.  What!?!?

Check this out.  Some Prague blogger wrote a story about being on a tram.  In the story, the people were happy and so he posted a picture of some happy people.  Here's the thing.  The photo is of Claudia, Mariya and me, from 2011, when we did the Brno Expat tram ride

Here's the link to the story.

Here's the translation.  And FYI...Any expat can tell you that Google Translate or Bing Translate never gives you a 100% accurate translation.  While the English isn't perfect you will still get the gist of the story.

Miracles happen. Every day and everywhere. Even you don't have to be a mystic or a prophet. Just tune in. Or be ready jedoduše. It happened a few days ago on the tram 26 in which I took at Kulaťáku. It was in the middle of ' everyday ' day, it was a few of us on the island, among others, and a man with a dog. I paid no special attention to anybody, because I wrote the email. The tram arrived, I sat down, all for standing writing email. And then it happened. From there, after a while the speakers: "on behalf of the Transport business thank you vzornému the passenger with the dog, which not only has the dog perfectly prepared for travel in the public mass transport, but in addition to the stop sign for the emergence of a dog. Thank You Very Much. It happens once every few years. "

The hand with the rozepsaným by email to me and I looked at the car, because they teach me culture-this must be meant sarcastically and I see some antisocial drunken individum dog. But the tram driver was not meant seriously and positively. What? Veřejená the praise from the mouth of the driver of the tram?! On what planet I was? The Impossible! A Miracle! But the real miracle came only because everybody on the tram began to talk. ' Ice ' immediately and we must have melted-present people-we just magically come together. I've heard the stories, seen the cute faces, smiles, joy. An ordinary human encounters on the tram 26. Live. What you didn't know for a while. The gentleman with the dog looked incredibly happy and almost up to the other, so that in itself is not a model, but that it had learned in the army. There was laughter and the word several stations. I was (and I'm from the episode) happy, because I brought the realization that this is what in the US is actually below the layer of culture. We can do it. We're not so bad, how are we trying to kid each other everywhere. We've got to do it. Only we have to afford more and more as follows. Thank you to all of the tram 26., which was the day going to the station of a miracle.

So pretty much a human interest story.  It's just funny that my face showed up on a Czech language Prague blog that I've never heard of.  I don't mind at all but it is odd.  I did post the following comment to the story.  Basically I said that "Hmmm, this picture is from a 2011 expat function in Brno.  How the hell did my photograph end up on this page and what does it have to do with this story?"  I also included a link to the original photo.  Again, I don't mind.  Just another random funny thing I get to write about.  I guess I really am everywhere.

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