Saturday, February 12, 2011


Pelíšky (pronounced Pel-ish-ky) means “Cosy Dens." The comedy was directed by Jan Hřebeik and released in 1999. The film is one of the most popular post-revolution movies in the ČR. Don't even joke with people here that this is not one of the best films ever.
The film is a coming-of-age story that takes place in the months before the 1968 Prague Spring and ends after the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia. Michael and Jindřiška’s families share an apartment house in Prague. Michael’s dad is an army officer and Jindřiška’s dad is a staunch anti-communist. While Michael develops a crush on Jindřiška, she falls for a mysterious hipster. The two fathers do not get along at all. However, the one thing they do have in common is that they think their children are total rebels.
The movie ends with the following dedication…
This film is dedicated to everyone whose friends, lovers, parents and children disappeared overnight as you remained here alone.
Here's a clip from the movie I found out on YouTube, with English subtitles.


  1. and what do you think about the film? did you like it at all?-)

  2. Sylvaf,

    I didn't really get it, the first time I saw it. But I was sitting next to someone who kept talking throughout.

    I saw it again a couple of weeks ago and found it to have a lot of funny scenes. I do like the movie. =)