Thursday, September 16, 2010

Academic Titles

Czechs love academic titles and will go out of their way to advertise them. It is even common to see a person's academic credential(s) next to their name on mailboxes and doorbells. Use of titles is often used in business and in all official correspondence.

This even occured during communism which is odd since the state preached equality and was frequently suspicious of intellectuals.

Here are the most common degrees.
Bc. or BcA. is Bachelor or Bachelor of Arts degree,

Mgr. or MgA. is a Master or Master of Arts degree.
Ing. is awarded for engineering, economics, agriculture, chemistry and military science.  It is a five-year degree and equivalent to a master's degree.

Ing.arch. is given for architecture.

MUDr. is for medicine. MDDr. is for dentistry and MVDr. is for veterinary medicine. PharmDr. is for pharmacy.

JUDr. is a law degree and ThDr. is a doctorate of theology.

PhDr. is a doctorate in the humanities, education or social sciences. RNDr. is a doctorate in natural sciences.

I haven't seen anyone display the title MBA around here. But that's probably because it is a fairly new degree in the ČR and currently it can only be earned at a private university.

Another difference is in the U.S., you would only list your highest level degree. Here it's common to list out multiple degrees.

I know several doctoral students here and they work really, really hard. Given the amount of effort they put in to earning their degrees I can kind of see why people are keen to display the accomplishment.


  1. JuDr. is a title no longer given to law graduates. Now you have to complete a doctorate to display this title in front of your name.
    Mgr.-after 5 years of studying law
    JuDr.-after some more years after receiving Mgr. title


  2. Thanks Šarka! I appreciate you keeping me accurate here.