Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eastern Europe Expat Blog Nomination

I received an e-mail last week that I have been nominated for an award. My little blog here has been nominated in this year's Eastern Europe Expat Blog Competition.

My Czech readers should not get wound up about the "Eastern Europe" thing. We all know that the ČR is in Central Europe. By Eastern Europe they mean with respect to the EU - looking at blogs in the ČR, Slovakia, the Baltics, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, etc.

My blog is Nomination #12 the reason for my nomination was:
"Simple with regular content. Good pictures and this blog is NOT by an English teacher and therefore has a different perspective than most".

This was such a nice surprise. Sometimes it really boggles my mind to see just how many people actually read this thing. I only started it so that my family would not feel like I was so far away. A month or two ago, I was out with some people and someone I didn't know actually quoted something I had written here. Very odd and flattering all at the same time.

I'm told that voting starts in July so please be sure to visit and cast your vote for me. Thanks!!!EDIT: Thanks to everyone who voted and helped me win 1st place.


  1. Beaware of such e mails as most of them are not true and most of the people gets cheated. Don't give your valuable information in reply to such emails.

  2. Hire a web programmer,
    Thanks for the heads up. However, I don't plan on giving out any personal information.

  3. Chris, I am 100% sure your nomination is legit because you have done an outstanding job with your blog. I enjoy your non-English teacher perspective too. I also enjoy your energetic travels and how terrific you are about immediately posting them.

    As an American reader and fellow blogger, it is nice to see another American enjoying the Czech Republic who represents our country so well and who has so much curiosity and interest in the local culture and continent around him.

    Congratulations on two years in Czecho and keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks for the kind words Karen! Much appreciated. Any plans on coming back to the Czech Republic?