Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Land Registry Office

I can't believe that I've been in Brno for almost 9 months. It seems like I just got on the plane for Europe a few weeks ago. But clearly it's been almost a year because it's time to apply for a visa extension.

Since I'm not an EU citizen I have more hoops to jump through over here. One of the things I had to do last week was visit the Katastrální úřad (Land Registry Office) at Moravské náměstí. I needed to pick up a land register statement - výpis z katastru nemovitostí.

Of course the office only has limited hours. On Mondays & Wednesdays it is open from 8 AM - 5 PM, and on Fridays from 8 AM until noon.

It was quite easy once I found the office and where I needed to be. There is a number machine where you press the second button from the top. It's labeled "informace z katastru nemovitostí (výpis z katastru nemovitostí, kopie katastrálních map apod.”

It gives you an number and you wait until your number is displayed over one of the doors.

I had to provide my address, the city district I live in, and my landlord's name. And since the building I live in is a co-op I also had to provide an agreement from the housing association.

Once I received the paper I had to take it to the cashier where they put a stamp on it. All for the low cost of 100 Kč (~$5.25).

I didn't have any problem with this one and I handled everything in Czech. Yeah!! This made me feel a lot better because the day before I had to pick up a business registry document at another office and I thought my head was going to explode. I could not figure out where I needed to be and could not find anyone who was able to help. Eventually, I found someone that could speak German. This poor guy that worked there just wanted to go out for a smoke break but instead he walked me to the appropriate office, told the clerk what I needed, then he escorted me to the cashier's window and back to the office again. This guy was great! I could not thank him enough for going out of his way to help me.

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