Saturday, November 12, 2022

Veggie Vending Machine

So this is new.  Brno is now home to Europe's first vegetable vending machine.  Yes, a vegetable vending machine.  Brambor is the Czech world for potato and an automat is a vending machine.  So the new vending machine is called a Bramat.

The first one was set up in Řečkovice and a second will be put in Kohoutovice.

I don't know how much it costs but you can apparently purchase 3- and 5-kilo (6,5 and 11 pound) bags of potatoes, onions, garlic, and mixed vegetable packets used for soups.  The machines are restocked with fresh vegetables everyday.

I've seen mlékomats which sell fresh milk.  During the height of Covid-19, Brno had vending machines selling face masks and hand sanitiser.  In Olomouc, I even saw a tvarůžky vending machine.

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